The Metal Kick Drum
The Metal Kick Drum
|drum samples for metal music|

The Metal Kick Drum samples were achieved to get killer kick drum sounds for personal and professional purposes. Now I release my samples library to be used in your own mix and get the best Metal sound.

These samples doesn’t try to be all things to all people but a great collection to coexist with other samples libraries or be mixed with your own drum recordings.

During the recording sessions I tried countless mic positions, tunnings, beaters, drumheads to get all sound possibilities from organic to more processed sounds, full of punch and attack, great and controlled low end and short and powerful response to be used in Metal mixes where cutting through sounds are needed in fast double bass drumming to get clear and defined beats. After tons of hours of post-processing work this is the result I achieved, ready to be launched in your favourite drum sampler replacer. Now is your time to exploit and do the best of them in your own mix. Enjoy!